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60 Inch Tailgate Light Bar

▲ Using high quality materials
▲ LED Truck Tailgate Light Bar
▲ Red Brake & Running Light White
▲ Wireless Remote Control
▲ flexible cutting and easy installation

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Technical Parameters/
tailgate light bar

LED Tailgate Light Bar 60 Inch

This 60 inch tailgate light bar is universal fitted for most Pickup Trucks, Trailers, SUV, RV, VAN, etc. It allows you to mount them along the tailgate as left/right turn signal light, brake light, reverse light, running light and emergency strobe light.

Compatible or Not Compatible with the following vehicles:

1. Not suitable for some European cars.

2. Not suitable for car models with separate turn signal and braking.

3. Suitable for American cars with turn signal and brake lights on the same line.

4. If there is a warning when plugging into the trailer port, please connect the car light wiring follow the line sequence.

tailgate light bar

Tailgate Light Bar with 6 Full Functions

This tailgate light barhas 6 Full Functions: Dark Red Running Light, Bright Red Brake Light, White Reverse Light, Sequential Amber Turn Signals, Strobe Light.

The Red Wire is the positive electrode, and control the Reverse Light. You just need to connect it to your car's 12V positive power source, and install the 4-pin connector to your car's connector, the tailgate light bar will work for all situation.

tailgate light bar

tailgate light bar

tailgate light bar

Premium LED Chips

This tailgate light bar consists of 504pcs high-intensity led chips, it output a more stylish running light, brake light, turn signal light, reverse light and strobe light to your rear drivers.

IP67 Waterproof

With IP67 waterproof rating and silicone housing, this tailgate light bar runs pretty well in harsh weather conditions and suits all offroad terrains.

Plug and Play

Come with standard 4-pin flat connector and an extra red positive wire, this led tailgate light bar can easy hook up to the truck original connector and reverse light, plug and play.

tailgate light bar

Installation Way

  1. After cleaning and dry the mounting surface. Peel off the adhesive tape at the tailgate light bar back.
  2. According to the mounting direction of the wire bundle, stick the led tailgate light bar to the recessed area between the bottom of the tailgate and the bumper shelf.
  3. Come with original connectors, plug and play. You also need to connect the red wire to reverse light wire.
Product advantage
Material is good
Unique vertical resistance -60~+180℃ high temperature resistant soft adhesive Pure gold thread, paper reel, lead-free tin Pure copper FPC dual panel thickness up to 4oz-5oz
in stock
CRI>90% Good light effect and uniform brightness There is no flicker screen, and the shape is changeable No harm to the eyes, more eye protection
It is easy to operate
Live cutting Simple and easy to install Mobile APP control DMX remote control Save worry save trouble
According to the need to customize
12 customization dimensions Meet individual needs
High cost performance
30% cost savings Manufacturers have the best supply No middleman earns the difference
in stock
Long service life
55 years warranty 50000 hours service life
Light strip, module Controller, accessories The whole line of production, application
Authoritative attestation
North American certification The European Union standards UL, CUL, TUV CE, ROHS and other international certification
Reasons for choosing LANPLE

5 years warranty service

In line with The North American certification, eu standards, UL, CUL, TUV, CE, ROHS and other international certification, the whole series of products provide 5 years of quality assurance service

15 years industry experience

For 15 years, we focus on the production, research and development and sales of LED strip products. We have a stable and fast product supply chain and provide one-stop purchasing service for you

1500+㎡ production workshop

1500+ square meters of production workshop, 100+ people production team, to ensure the delivery of routine products in 2-3 days, customized products in 7-10 days

100000 meters per month productivity

Our own LED packaging workshop, SMT workshop, aluminum profile workshop, assembly workshop, fully vertical supply chain integrated management, to meet the needs of large and small orders

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