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What is the difference between LED light bar and LED module?

2021-10-22 14:43:43

With the improvement of advertising installation industry, LED lamps appear in more and more places. Today, the manufacturer of LED lamp belt will take you to compare the difference between LED lamp strip and LED module. There is no more nonsense about dry goods!

一、 Product composition of materials

1. LED light bar: LED light bead, resistance, AB glue, silicone sleeve, electronic wire, solder paste, heat shrinkable tube, welding wire, test pen, soldering iron.

2. LED module: welding wire, soldering iron, tin furnace, plastic groove, resistance, LED lamp, wire, AB glue.

二、 Product features.

1. LED light bar:

① The light source has low cold and heat generation, and will not generate heat;

② Green environmental protection, no harmful ultraviolet, changeable color, adjustable and controllable light source;

③ It saves more than 65% energy than ordinary lighting and has a long service life;

④ Safe and reliable use of low voltage;

⑤ Waterproof, shockproof, not easy to break, can be extended.

2. LED module:

① LED module has high brightness, large luminous angle and low light attenuation;

② No harmful metal mercury pollution to the environment;

③ The response time of LED lamp is nanosecond, the stable light attenuation is less than 20% of the initial, and the energy consumption is 80% less than that of ordinary lamp;

④ Can be made into various shapes, suitable for changeable environment;

⑤ LED lights are safe with low-voltage power supply and suitable for public places.

三、 The essential difference between products.

1. LED light bar:

LED lamps are used for lighting and play the role of decoration and lighting.

2. LED module:

Many LED lamps are called LED modules. LED modules are generally used in light boxes.

四、 Scope of application products.

1. LED light bar:

Furniture display, automobile display, jewelry cabinet, cosmetics cabinet, wine cabinet, cultural relics display cabinet, medicine cabinet, bar counter and supermarket display cabinet.

2. LED module:

Night scene engineering, lighting engineering, lighting, signs, signboards, advertisements, decoration and stage lighting.

Through the comparison and introduction of the above points, are you clear? If you have any questions, please scan the code for more information


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