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How much is a meter of LED neon light?

2021-10-22 14:38:38

LED neon lamp belt, also known as flexible lamp belt, is a recently popular led breakthrough product. Its appearance is to make up for the deficiency of glass neon tube and optical fiber, so as to completely replace it. It is widely used in architectural contour, steps, booth, bridge, hotel and KTV decoration lighting.

一、 Main features of LED neon lamp belt

1. It can be bent at will and fixed on the concave convex surface at will;

2. Every three LED lights can form a loop;

3. Small size, rich colors: high brightness, wide angle, uniform light spot, small light attenuation, low power consumption, long service life, maintenance free, low-voltage drive, safe use. quality assurance

4. Dynamic transmission and installation:

Because it is essentially similar to the ordinary rainbow tube, its transportation is as safe and convenient as the LED rainbow tube. It is equipped with a special card slot. During installation, it only needs to nail the card slot and then clamp it, which is as convenient and reliable as the installation of ordinary wires.

二、 Precautions for installation of LED neon lamp belt

1. During installation, please erect the plastic shaft and then hoist it from upstairs for installation. Do not remove the whole roll before installation.

2. The incision shall be cut evenly with a blade and shall not be cut at will; Cut off the excess copper wire, then swing the top left and right, and then put it into the pin.

3. Silica gel shall be applied at the plug and tail plug to make waterproof treatment.

4. Do not pull the LED flexible neon lamp with force during installation. This product can only bear the tensile force of 4.5kg.

The above is some introduction about LED neon lamp belt. If you want to know how much a meter of LED neon lamp belt is, you are welcome to scan and issue a QR code to get a free quotation!


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